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The Brainbook Library started when our founder, Kalyn Brooke, was searching for an easier way to maintain a bullet journal.

Instead of drawing time-intensive layouts on each page, she dreamed up an all-in-one library where you could download ANY planning page to arrange inside a ring or discbound notebook.

The end result is a planner that is uniquely yours, one you can easily add to, and changes whenever your busy life does.

Kind of like a bullet journal… but better.

Where to next?

Our shop features a small selection of individual pages ready for you to assemble into paper planner, customize a digital one, or integrate one of our layouts into a planning system you already love.

But the most cost-effective way to access our 230+ designs is through our All-Access Pass, where you unlock some additional (and incredible) perks, as well as lifetime access to all current and future designs.

meet the team

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Kalyn Brooke

CEO + Head Designer

When she’s not designing new planner pages or blogging at KalynBrooke.com, you’ll find her reading, traveling, and hiking around the U.S. with her husband, Joseph. Join the adventure!

Secret Talent: Knowing the exact container dimensions to fit leftovers.

Joseph Comings

Customer Support Specialist + Video Editor

As Kalyn’s other half, he bakes endless batches of chocolate chip cookies to fuel her work, while providing outstanding service to our customers. He also edits podcasts for online entrepreneurs.

Secret Talent: Roasting a perfectly golden marshmallow.

Kat Waugh

Executive Assistant

As Kalyn’s right hand, she works behind-the-scenes on upcoming special projects. She’s passionate about personal growth and loves digital planning. Learn more about her story here.

Secret Talent: Picking the perfect watermelon at the grocery store.

Melissa Heinlein

Graphic Designer

As a brand and graphic enthusiast, design is infused in all her hobbies. Whether photographing every little moment in life or whipping up a sweet treat, everything is crafty.

Secret Talent: Being a human Walt Disney World map.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!