Ready to build your perfect planner?

With a Brainbook Library All-Access Pass, you get 250 chic + functional planner pages you can mix and match to create a planner that works the way your brain does.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

  • You saw a friend rave about her off-the-shelf planner so you ordered it too. The layout worked for a few weeks, but then… it didn’t.
  • You can’t fully commit to any one planner because you need that planner to support your life in multiple areas. You wish you could just use the pages you want and remove what you don’t.
  • You know that to find the perfect planner, you have to build it yourself. But you don’t have the time or design skills to make the pages from scratch.

The Good news: Your Perfect Planner DOES Exist.

But you can’t buy it from a store.

Think about it… if your life isn’t like everyone else’s, why would you use the same planner as someone else?

With The Brainbook Library All-Access Pass, you can organize your year, week, month, day, and everything between exactly the way you want and can change things up whenever you wish.

Take a Peek at What’s Inside

We know… it’s a lot.

Planning Pages

  • Monthly Calendars so you can set goals, see events, and track tasks with space to reflect on your favorite memories.
  • Weekly + Daily Planning Layouts to help you focus on your top priorities and tasks.
  • Review Pages to regularly reflect on your progress every month and week.

Home + Family Pages

  • Cleaning Checklists to keep your home sparkling on a consistent basis.
  • Meal Planning Packs so you can create weekly meal plans, maintain inventory lists, and host holiday dinners with ease.
  • Important House Information like paint color names as well as allll the plant watering and garbage details for your house sitter.

Finance + Budgeting Pages

  • Monthly Budgets + Expense Trackers to improve your spending habits.
  • Debt Payoff Trackers to organize all your payments and inspire you to get out of debt quickly.
  • Savings Trackers in a variety of designs depending on what you want to save for most.

Health + Wellness Pages

  • Workout Logs + Calendars to support your commitment to move more.
  • Daily Health, Gratitude, + Medical Journals to track and prioritize how you feel each day.
  • Habit Trackers so you can easily see your progress in building healthier habits.

Holiday Planning Pages

  • Gift + Shopping Lists to keep track of your ideas and budget.
  • Seasonal Bucket Lists to make the most of every holiday.
  • Thanksgiving Planner so you can host the holiday dinner of the year with day-of schedules and task lists.

Leisure + Lifestyle Pages

  • Reading Logs + Book Trackers to create your own reading journal.
  • TV Show Trackers + Movie Watchlists to organize and track your favorite dramas.
  • Packing Lists + Travel Planners for a smoothly run vacation or a quick weekend away.

Plus a TON of note pages to Make ALL the lists!

How it Works

The process is like choose-your-own-adventure…. planner style.

2. Download the pages you need

Once you’re inside, use our categorized planner page menu to find the designs you want and download in one of our 6 popular size options.

A5 ● A4 ● Junior/Half Letter ● Letter ● Happy Planner Classic ● Happy Planner Mini Sizes

3. assemble your way

Print and organize each page inside a ring or discbound notebook to create your own customized planner. Or use digitally in Goodnotes or Notability for paperless organization!

We’re not done spoiling you

You Also Get these Cool Perks

1. Future Updates + Designs

Never run out of pages to try. We keep your planner fresh by delivering new downloads to your inbox every month, including dated calendar pages for the next year. Can’t find the printable you want? Use our Request a Printable feature to add your idea to our design queue.

2. The Video Vault

We don’t leave you stranded. Our video tutorials help you edit, print, and assemble your planner. You’ll also get time blocking and task management trainings taught by our founder, Kalyn Brooke.

3. Exclusive Discounts

We’ve teamed up with other companies to give you special pricing on planner supplies (like notebooks, pens, markers, stickers, and more!). You’ll also get a 10% off coupon code to use in our own Brainbook Shop if you want pages printed for you and shipped straight to your door.

4. Library Letters

Receive a monthly note filled with valuable planning tips, a recap of our recent Library additions (in case you missed it), and teasers of what’s coming down the pipeline. You can even apply to be featured in our Community Spotlight section!

With an All-Access Pass, you can build the planner that helps you…

  • Develop healthy habits that stick long-term
  • Achieve short-term goals that make the biggest impact (and work towards long-term goals that you’ve always wanted)
  • Implement solid systems and routines to stay on top of cleaning, workouts, planning your week, and even planning a vacation
  • Budget intentionally, pay off debt, and save for the items on your wish list in fun and visual ways
  • Track fun things like all the books you read and your favorite TV shows

This is the only planner that has you in mind

if you’ve ever said…

the All-Access Pass was made for you!

Our specialty is in designing printable planner inserts that you can use to assemble your own planner inside any notebook (ring OR discbound!)

We know how hard it is to find a planner that checks ALL the boxes and supports your life through all of it’s beautiful and busy seasons.

When you get the All-Access Pass, you get to choose your favorite planner pages from our incredibly large collection. Not only can you change those pages whenever you want, you can add to your planner over time.

You’ll save more money with this pass than buying individual designs on Etsy (which can run from $2-$4 a page!)

This Could be the missing puzzle piece

You’ve committed time and money into your planner, so we want you to use it!

But if you’ve ever felt like something has been missing or you wish your planner could do “X”, we most likely have a planner page for that.

Many planners come with blank pages in the back where you can attach one of our layouts with washi tape. Or print the page on sticker paper for more security!

With the All-Access Pass, you’ll always have our library of planner pages at your disposal.

You can use These Pages digitally too

If you have a tablet, you can easily import our designs into an app like Goodnotes or Notability where you can use a styles to write directly on the page.

Or if you don’t like your handwriting, you can simply use your favorite font!

These apps allow you to create separate notebooks, so you could have a Budget Notebook, Prayer Notebook, Gratitude Journal, Reading Journal, or even an all-in-one planner!

Well, hang on a minute..

Have you ever needed to print a quick calendar? Or a meal plan to post on your fridge? Or a habit tracker that hangs above your desk?

The All-Access Pass gives you access to pages you can use to organize your life and home, whether you have a planner or not.

We even offer customizable children’s chore charts, house sitter notes, and more, which you wouldn’t keep hidden inside a planner.

Meet the Founder

Hi there! I’m Kalyn.

I’ve been creating organizing systems ever since I can remember. I made homemade flash cards in elementary school, built an Excel spreadsheet to track my wedding budget, and yes, even designed my own planner!

Systems help me untangle my messy brain and turn my thoughts into something tangible. They help me remember more, stress less, and bring clarity and context to the areas of my life I want to track and improve.

I’ve helped hundreds of women not get bogged down in the day to day and actually make progress and positive improvements to their life by creating the planner that supports their tasks, habits, schedule, and goals.

I’d love to help you too.


Love notes from our community

700 +

Happy members

Can you already picture what your life would look like with a planner that checked all your boxes?

  • You would have unlimited access to the all the pages you need to keep your home, family, and life running smoothly.
  • Everything would be out of your brain and organized inside a planner that actually works for your brain.
  • Whether you start a new job, transition back to school from summer break, or decide to prioritize your workouts, you have a planner to keep you organized no matter the season and can easily modify.
  • You don’t have to purchase a new planner every year (or every few months!). The Library provides ongoing updates and new calendar pages to keep your planner fresh. So you save money in the long run!


Pick the plan that fits your budget



*per year

  • 250+ planner page archive
  • New uploads and designs for 12 months
  • Video vault + tutorials
  • Monthly library letters
  • Exclusive discounts

*Cost recurs annually on the date you sign up. Cancel anytime.

lifetime access


one-time payment

  • 250+ planner page archive
  • New uploads and designs for LIFE
  • Video vault + tutorials
  • Monthly library letters
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Best Value (free after Year 2!)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have A’s for your Q’s

As soon as you get the All-Access Pass, you’ll be asked to create an account. You’ll get immediate access to ALL materials inside your membership hub, as well as a login link and password sent straight to your email!

Save this email so you can log in at anytime, from anywhere.

Almost every page is available in 6 popular planning sizes: A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter (Junior), Happy Planner Classic, and Happy Planner Mini. At this time, we have no plans to add more sizes, but we do have a video tutorial that teaches you how to resize any of our pages to fit a different-sized planner.

Once you grab the Lifetime All-Access Pass (not the yearly plan), you’re an All-Access Passholder for LIFE. No renewals or subscriptions, ever!

If you decide The All-Access Pass is not for you, email [email protected] to request a refund within 7 days. But we’re positive you’ll love it!

Sure do! Once you log in, you’ll find several helpful video tutorials in The Help Center and in our Video Vault. If you have any other questions, you can always reach out using the contact form.  

It depends on how you want to use these planner pages.

If you want to create a paper planner, you’ll need a notebook, punch, paper, and a printer. If you want to use a digital planner, you’ll need a tablet and a PDF annotation app.

We share our favorite supplies with you inside the membership hub along with exclusive discounts just for passholders!

The majority of our designs are not editable. We designed them to be purposefully neutral so you can add your own flair and pops of color with markers, stickers, and washi tape.

However, you will find some pages are fillable in Adobe Reader (just download the page and type into the form on your computer). We also have some completely editable formats you can customize yourself in Canva.

Nope, so there’s no wait to get started! You’ll just need to have a printer accessible if you want to print each of the layouts for your planner. Every printable comes as a PDF file that you can download to your computer.

Absolutely. You can import any of our PDF designs into Goodnotes or Notability for use on an iPad or tablet. Then fill in the document with your handwriting via a stylus or text!

Kind of!

Inside your membership hub, there’s a form where you can request a printable and our team will add it to our queue of design ideas. The Weekly Weight Loss Tracker, Video Game Tracker, Address Book printables, and many others all started from member requests!

Your All-Access Pass does not include a license to share these downloads. They are for personal use only. But you can encourage your friend to grab a pass too!

Your Life is Constantly Changing. Your planner should too.

With The Brainbook Library All-Access Pass, you can organize your year, week, month, day, and everything between exactly the way you want… and add, remove, and reorganize sections whenever you want.

All inside the same planner.

And when you use the tool that supports you best, you’ll feel like you can conquer anything.